A wonderful experience! Everyone was so kind & welcoming. Very professional staff, taking time to be sure every need was met & answering any questions. Very relaxed environment!
Gayal, on Google
Didn't really think I needed hearing aids until talking to who administered the test and she explained to me the results that I had with the hearing test and about the nerve damage that I had in both ears, Katrina and Gerald are both very professional and educated in their field, I am so glad that I went to see them, the little things you miss not hearing correctly like hearing your turn signal in your car or the birds outside, my hearing is amazing now, thank you both, Gerald and Katrina. Dan Fraley very happy customer of THE HEARING CENTER.
Danny Fraley, on Google
They were friendly, new their products and very helpful. Would recommend them to anyone needing hearing aids.
David Jones, on Google
Katrina was wonderful in explaining my hearing loss and prescribing the settings on my h aids. I am glad to have a good company 'holding my hand" so to speak, during the testing, mapping my hearing loss and explaining the loss and prescribed aids.
Becca Beall, on Google
I was treated with the utmost kindness and respect.
Matthew Patterson, on Google

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